Neydi and Carlos Romero have a shared love for dogs. So instead of getting fancy gifts for each other during their wedding anniversary, they’ve made it quite a tradition of adopting a dog instead.

Captain, Teddy, and Chewy

The love of family is probably the sweetest gift you can ever give to a shelter dog. And that’s what Neydi and Carlos had in mind when they adopted their first dog, Captain, during their first anniversary.


Captain was Carlos’s gift to Neydi. He knew that Neydi always wanted to have a dog when she was younger, but her mom prohibited having a dog in their household. So Neydi vowed to herself that she’d one day get a dog to call her own. Only Carlos got it for her.

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Captain, an Australian shepherd mix, is one smart and independent pooch. He looks after Neydi when she gets sick. Although Captain is quite a serious dog at home, he brings out his carefree personality when he’s at the dog park and is playing with his fellow pooches.

Then came their second anniversary. The couple had agreed that from then on, they would adopt a dog to commemorate their wedding day. That was when they got Teddy, a Labrador-beagle mix.

Teddy’s owner was giving him away on Craigslist. The poor pooch had tapeworm infection and was utterly undernourished. The couple’s heart went out to Teddy and promptly gave this dog a home. Teddy’s health improved tremendously since then. When Teddy got healthier, he also began revealing his charming and energetic personality.

The latest addition to the family is an adorable puppy named Chewy. Neydi admits that Chewy wasn’t her first choice. But when she saw his terrible condition at the shelter, she knew she had to give this pup a home as well.

A meaningful tradition

The three dogs all came from different breeds and backgrounds, but they get along very well. They have their differences. Sometimes they fight, but they almost always end up cuddling with one another. The three are like real siblings.

Although it has become customary for Neydi and Carlos to adopt a dog during their wedding anniversary, they emphasize that dogs aren’t gifts. These pooches need love, a home and a family who loves them and who they will love back.

The couple wants to keep the tradition going as far as they can, but they know they don’t have all the resources to care for too many dogs. For now, they’re setting the limit to five. That means five dogs who are needy, homeless, abandoned, or neglected get to experience the true love and care of a family. And that alone is making quite a difference for the dogkind.

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