There’s no saying how exactly Blue, a one-year-old Pitbull mix, made it all the way to Michigan. Back in March, animal control picked her up and transferred her to the care of Humane Society of Midland County. At the Humane Society, staffers got psyched after finding out she was microchipped.

They dialed the phone number listed on Blue’s chip and a woman, who resides in Florida, picked up. She said her dog has been missing for about a week but has no clue how the pup may have made it to a different state. Nevertheless, she said she wanted Blue back.


After hearing the good news, excited workers pled on Facebook for someone to drive the lovely pooch back home. The Human Society got flooded with tons of messages offering help. And among those who expressed their good intentions, Stephanie James, a Michigan resident, won the spot of being Blue’s chauffeur.

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Stephanie took time off from work. Then she picked her brother up, filled her gas tank, and drove straight to the animal shelter to pick up Blue. And the trio went on their way.

Approximately 1,300 miles on the road, a couple of pit stops, an overnight stay at a hotel and, a quick trip to the ocean, Stephanie, her brother, and Blue finally made it to South Florida. Blue’s owner’s mom invited them in when they made it to their front door. And in an instant, Blue recognized where she’s at and went running back and forth.

When Blue’s owner got home, the pup got even more excited. She was running and jumping uncontrollably. But after a few words with Blue’s owner, not-so-nice news was delivered.

“She told me, ‘With me going to school full-time and working full-time, I just couldn’t commit to the dog. Blue really likes you and you seem good people. You’ve taken very good care of her. It’s probably best if Blue goes back and stays in Michigan.”

Stephanie was stunned. So they loaded Blue back into their car and drove away. Then she reached out to the Humane Society to let them know what happened while the confused pup was staring out the car window, looking back at her old house.

Thanks to the quick-thinking shelter staffers and to social media, finding a new home for Blue was easy. In only 2 hours after Stephanie and Blue made it back, a man has already been approved for adoption. When Blue was brought out to meet him, she raced to see her new dad.

Blue went to her new home on the same day. And according to Robert Allison, her new dad, the sweet pup is fitting in perfectly fine. Although this wasn’t the ending that was expected of Blue’s story, it is indeed a happy and great one. Probably even better.

Credit to Humane Society of Midland County


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