Archie is one adorable dog that has helped many of us smile back in 2020. This adorable pooch is a Boxer who belongs to Deanne Bourke. Deanne happens to be a school teacher in Australia.

Now, if you’ve ever owned a Boxer, you would know that they’re such a joy to watch and have very expressive faces. They’re also full of sass and are known for their adorable pouts and side glances.

In Archie’s case, he went viral for his need for attention.

Those who have been working at home know that we get to spend more time with our pets. This means that they get to absorb more of our love since we are probably with them for the whole day. Apparently, this also means that when they demand for some love and attention, it could happen at any time – even if you’re in the middle of an online class.

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One day, Archie was seeking for Deanne’s attention. Without hesitation, he sat next to her during one of her online classes. Deanne realized quickly that it wasn’t in her best interests to shoo away her precious dog on camera. So she allowed Archie to sit next to her.

The students must have been entertained with seeing Archie on the screen, especially since they got to see how their teacher had to handle Archie’s adorable antics. What makes the experience even funnier is that Archie only got more and more desperate for attention as the time passed by – even if he had plenty of toys to entertain him in the other room.

As seen in the video, Archie tries to paw and poke her. Still, Deanne completely ignores him. Archie then looks at the camera with curiosity and confusion.  He must be confused as to why his beloved owner is not being affectionate with him, no matter how hard he tries.

Curious as to how the online classes went? Check out the short clip below.

Source: Deanne Bourke via Youtube

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