In Tuscon, Arizona, a pair of shelter pit bulls are making headlines. Both found as strays; the two dogs became fast friends forever.

This past May, the first pit bull was found wandering the streets of a neighborhood in Tuscon. The one-year-old puppy was brought in to the Pima Animal Care Center, where he was given the name Jukebox. One month later, a second pit bull was found and brought to the shelter. She is a two-year-old pit bull, and she was named Agatha.


Jukebox and Agatha met at the shelter during a playgroup session. Volunteers at the shelter remarked how the two puppies quickly bonded. Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, director of animal services, said shelters often only see bonded dogs if they’ve been together their whole lives. In the case of Agatha and Jukebox, they had just met.

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Soon, the two pit bulls were cuddling together in the same kennel. Nikki Reck, public information officer for the shelter, said although there’s plenty of room in the shared kennel, the two dogs prefer to share a tiny little bed. Both dogs had been struggling to adapt to life in the shelter. Finding each other seemed to soothe their anxiety enormously.


After seeing how close Jukebox and Agatha became, the staff decided they needed to ensure the same family adopted the two dogs. The shelter doesn’t typically do this, as it can hinder a puppy’s chances of finding a home quickly. But in the case of the two inseparable pit bulls, they couldn’t cope with the idea of the dog’s being split.

After a picture of Agatha and Jukebox cuddling was shared on Facebook, it went viral, and soon, the shelter had requests for adoption coming in. Pima Animal Care Center was thrilled Agatha and Jukebox were going to be in the same home together!

Credits: Pima Animal Care Center Facebook


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