A resident of Florida named Maureen Hatcher had a life-or-death situation back in December 2018. Little did she know that she would owe her life to her two dogs.

The medical emergency happened when she was taking a shower at her home. Out of nowhere, she fainted on the floor. At that time, Hatcher was only with her two Labradors, Bella and Sadie. Since Hatcher was barely moving, Bella and Sadie were quick to notice that she was not okay.

Hatcher shared with FirstCoastNews that what happened was still fresh in her memory. Hatcher remembered how she told Sadie that she needed help. She did not expect that the two Labradors would come rushing outside the house to seek help.


Luckily, there was a doorbell camera in the area that showed how Bella and Sadie were desperate to get help. They did not stop barking around the neighborhood with hopes of being noticed. It was good that a neighbor felt that something was going wrong.

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Thanks to the lady who smelled the sense of urgency brought by Bella and Sadie. She went inside Hatcher’s house, and after seeing the reason why the dogs would not stop barking, she called the emergency hotline right away. Eventually, the team of paramedics responded quickly.

Hatcher had suffered from a stroke making her collapse. Hatcher said that she felt very blessed and thankful she had her two dogs. Her dogs might not have been trained professionals in such a matter, but they still managed to rescue her successfully.

The video below would show Bella and Sadie’s immediate response to the situation. They served as another example of how dogs could be so loyal to their loving owner. Even in times of need, they just would not leave their owners.

Source: Inside Edition via Youtube


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