One night, residents of a neighborhood in Haskell, Oklahoma were surprised when flood waters came rushing into their homes. It was already after midnight when the strong surge brought fear and destruction to their little community.

A woman named Elaine Hendrickson-Parry, and her dad, had to stand for hours on top of their porch wall and wait for the water to subside. Another family member, a senior dog named Luna, was not so lucky.

The strong current swept her, and there were many indications that she could have perished. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

Locked out

Elaine moved in with his father on his 11-acre property during the COVID-19 pandemic to care for him. The two lived together with Luna, who was already showing signs of aging but was still a loyal and reliable companion.

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The kind woman cared for her dad, and the dog helped her immensely. When recent storms and heavy rainfall were experienced in their area, Elaine ensured that they kept themselves inside their home, where it was warm and dry. But then, their front door suddenly swung open as strong windows forced it open.

Elaine and her dad, followed by Luna, went outside to their covered porch to see the extent of the weather. Another strong gust of wind closed the door, and they found themselves locked outside. Water was rushing from everywhere, and soon it was almost to their hips.

Swept away

The worried daughter helped her dad up the wall while Luna was desperately hanging on to the edge of their porch. As soon as Elaine turned around to get her dog, strong currents swept her pet away. There was nothing she could do at that point. It was dark, and she couldn’t leave her father alone.

Elaine and her dad waited for the water to go away for the next several hours. When it was finally safe to get down, they saw their home was ruined. Mud was everywhere, and trash covered their floors.

For the next couple of days, Elaine desperately looked for Luna, dividing her time between searching and cleaning up their home. Barely 44 hours after the incident, Elaine heard a soft whimper coming from the outside. When she checked, Luna was there, tired and muddy.

She was thrilled to see her dog had survived after all. She wondered where Luna ended up, but she knew she might never find out. All that is important is her pet is back home.

Source: FOX23 News Tulsa via Youtube

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