You want a dog. That is not a secret. And that is not something that you are having two thoughts about. However, what you have not yet decided on is if you are going to adopt a dog or if you are going to get one straight from the breeder or the pet store. Many people are urging those who are interested in being pet owners to actually go and adopt a dog instead of purchasing one.

The Best Friends Animal Society is an organization that focuses on animal welfare. They have recently done research on dog adoption and their study has shown really interesting results. The respondents were from all around the country. They took at look at any obstacles that were making individuals purchase a dog instead of just adopting one from the shelter. The main goal of the organization is to actually know what obstacles there are so that they can devise a way to make sure that more and more people would opt to adopt. This would help get more animals finding a home and more lives would be saved in the process.

The results of the survey

Over 50% of those taking part in the study believe it is a good thing to adopt from animal shelters. However, even though they believe it is such, they would rather go and purchase a dog rather than adopt. This is because they have gone through experiences that were negative when it came to adopting a dog. The whole process of adoption can be burdensome as compared to just purchasing one.

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What were the things that made them choose to purchase a dog rather than adopt? A  large amount of paperwork involved in the process was a common reason. This means that there are plenty of things to accomplish before you can take the dog you choose home. Other reasons cited were that adoption came with plenty of requirements that were quite strict. The fees were also really quite hefty. There were times when the shelter would not give them any response or not follow up regarding the adoption. Crowed facilities and inconvenient locations where dogs can be adopted were other deterrents for those who were interested. This made them want to just purchase a dog instead.

The plan

With these results, the organization is planning on doing something about this. They would want to make sure that more dogs were saved. They want more of them to find a really good place that would become their home. The organizations would make use of its network to ensure that adoption wont become a burden to those who are interested. After all, adoption is a really good thing to do. It would be good to help out those dogs and give them new homes.

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