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Shelters are significant places that contribute to the safety and wellbeing of dogs. That’s why dog trainer Victoria Stilwell has taken her time to visit a shelter to help other trainers and rescuers with their problems. On one occasion, she meets a stressed-out dog named Lenny.

Lenny is so stressed that he had started chasing his tail and biting it. This has worsened into a compulsive disorder. According to one of the rescuers, JD, they are putting Lenny under medication.

After seeing the troubled dog, Victoria checked out the rest of the place. There should be a place in a shelter that simulates a home environment for a dog. Unfortunately, the room that is supposed to fill that role has become a storage space.

Victoria spoke to the rest of the shelter employees. She encouraged everyone to take action to improve what they currently have. She then proceeded to work with them in renovating one of the rooms to make it more like a home environment.

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After transforming the room, Victoria asked JD to bring Lenny inside it. Since the dog had no experience being in such an environment, he was terrified. Victoria and JD sat for several minutes inside the room to allow Lenny to feel more comfortable.

Victoria then went outside with JD to begin training Lenny. The dog learned simple impulse control. Victoria and JD used a simple wait command to make Lenny more disciplined while being walked. Since this type of exercise stimulates him mentally, he is less likely to chase his tail out of boredom.

A few weeks after Lenny was trained, something wonderful happened. Someone went to the shelter and adopted him. The adopter was really excited to bring the dog home. He has bought lots of toys for the dog and wanted to make him experience being in his home.

Video courtesy of It’s Me or The Dog via YouTube.

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