Whenever we see police doggos out on the streets with their handlers, we usually presume that these working pups have no time to goof off. We think that they are the no-nonsense type of dogs who are always focused on protecting the city against criminals.

But we should always remember that no matter how much training and discipline we instill in our pups, they are still dogs. And that means that they will always have time to goof off and play with other dogs or their handlers. Case in point, this six-year-old Rottweiler from Lima, Peru, named Ozly.


Now we all know that Rottweilers are pretty intimidating, and the fact that this particular pupper is a police dog takes the intimidation to a whole new level. But whenever Ozly is not busy catching bad guys or detecting contraband, he plays soccer with his handlers.

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The officers that work with this talented furball explained that they only discovered Ozly’s soccer talents just a few months back. They let him play different positions in the field, but as it turned out, Ozly shines the brightest whenever he is playing as a goalkeeper.

We can’t help but be impressed by this pup’s soccer skills. Not only does he stop the ball from going to the back of the net, but Ozly actually catches the ball with his mouth! Of course, they had to play with a slightly deflated ball so that the doggo could grab the ball but still, it’s pretty astonishing.

Ozly’s handlers shared that the police doggo is pretty friendly towards strangers, and he would literally let anyone approach and pet him. But when it’s time to protect the city or play soccer, this friendly pupper is all about business. Ozly is the ultimate defender as he defends the city and the goalposts at the same time.

Credits: Inside Edition


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