Some dog owners have a hard time figuring out why their dogs are fighting. Dog fights can be very sporadic, so owners can’t be blamed for being confused. This is when the keen eye of a dog expert is needed. They help educate dog owners on what causes such fights.

A pug named Boa has constantly picked fights with another dog named Bomi. They are the same breed and are essentially sisters. Their owner can see how close and friendly all her dogs are with each other, so she’s confused about why fights start.

An animal behavior expert observed Boa and Bomi’s interaction to shed some light on the issue. Before providing a solution, the expert first had to understand Boa’s background. The owner had no problem telling Boa’s story, which put things into better perspective.


Boa was an abandoned dog who was originally taken in as a foster dog. Eventually, Boa had to return to the animal shelter so she could be put up for adoption. However, Bomi got depressed when Boa left, so the owner had to officially adopt Boa out of pity.

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After hearing the story and making some observations, the animal expert knew what was going on. First, he clarified that Boa was not fighting Bomi because she was jealous. According to the expert, fights that started out of jealousy were much more violent.

The expert explained that Boa is fighting for her position in the pack. She wants to ensure that she won’t be abandoned again, and the way she does this is by trying to be above Bomi. The solution proposed by the expert is to allow Boa to feel that she’s above Bomi by putting her in elevated positions.

In order for Boa and Bomi to avoid meeting at eye level, Boa had to be placed on a couch most of the time. Bomi, on the other hand, needs to always be on the floor. This doesn’t have to be forever because once Boa is satisfied and stops initiating fights, both dogs can meet at eye level again.

Source: SBS TV Animals via YouTube.


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