Bailey’s mom is terminally ill and is flying from Minnesota to Washington. All that this dying woman wants is to have her sweet pooch by her side as she lives out her days. But they are thousands of miles apart. Thankfully, a good Samaritan stepped in and made their reunion possible.

Leaving Bailey behind

Bailey, a sweet pug-mix pooch, lives with his mom in Minnesota. But his mom is terminally ill, and she needed to go to Washington to receive treatment as well as live her remaining days with friends. And she meant to bring Bailey along with her.

The day has arrived for Bailey and his mom to fly to Washington when suddenly, the airline refused to board the dog. Bailey’s mom was told that pugs like Bailey have trouble breathing on the plane. The woman was left in tears as she leaves Bailey behind at a shelter and takes the flight by herself.

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Bailey was confused about how things ended up this way. He loves his mom so much, and it’s devastating for them to be apart, especially now that his mom only has a few more weeks to live.

A reunion in the making

Fortunately, Spot’s Last Stop volunteers, Ryan Chukuske and his wife, Giesen, heard about Bailey’s predicament. Ryan has always loved the Pacific Northwest, but what he would love more is to see Bailey reuniting with his human.

So, Ryan prepared to make the 27-hour drive from Minnesota to Washington. The trip would cover more than 1,500 miles. It surely is going to be tiring, but Ryan was willing to do it with a happy heart.


Ryan made sure to arrange everything for the trip, from car rental, fuel, food, hotel room, to a flight back home. When people heard about Ryan and Bailey’s upcoming adventure, many of them wished them well. They even chipped in to help with the expenses.

Ryan got Bailey on the passenger seat, and the two set off to a long road trip ahead. Ryan remarked how well-behaved Bailey was. The dog was the perfect travel buddy. After 1,500 miles on the road, he successfully delivered Bailey to Washington and was only waiting for his mom to get out of ICU.

Indeed, not all heroes wear capes and fly you in the air. Some of them are willing to take the long road with you. We hope Bailey gets to see his mom soon and have the sweet reunion that they deserve.

Thanks to Ryan Chukuske

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