It was 2:51 in the early morning of Saturday when something unexpectedly cute happened. Metin Can Şener was on his way home. He was walking along one of the streets in Turkey when a figure appeared from the darkness.

Metin realized that it was a dog who was excitedly wagging his tail upon seeing him. Because the pup often hangs out at their local coffee shop, Metin was quite familiar with him. Metin has seen him several times before, but only during the daytime.

This time, Metin and the stray dog met once again near the café. However, unlike their previous encounters, the two of them have now become much more acquainted. Both of them seemed to have felt the same excitement upon seeing a familiar face in what would have been an empty street.

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Suddenly, Metin found himself dancing happily with the stray dog in the middle of the street. At that moment, Metin knew that they have turned from strangers into good friends. Unfortunately, despite their newly developed friendship, Metin won’t be able to bring the stray pup home because he already owns four.

Thankfully, even if the dog lives in the streets, he seemed to be well-fed. Probably, this is because he managed to endear himself to the people in the area. Just look at how the pup made Metin feel in this early morning encounter.


After reviewing the security camera, the owner of the coffee shop saw the heartwarming moment that Metin and the stray dog shared. The owner then shared the footage to Metin the following day, which he decided to post online. Unsurprisingly, the video captured many people’s hearts and became viral.

Metin never thought that the sweet moment that he had with the stray pup was caught on camera. He said that he always enjoys dancing with animals. If it isn’t obvious yet, he’s quite an animal lover.

Credit: II. Supermet

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