Officers from the Tempe Police Department received a report that a dog fell into a deep and wide canal and somehow found herself unable to get out. She was already struggling to stay afloat and could drown at any moment. The dispatcher immediately sent responders, hoping they could get to the pooch in time.

When the cops arrived, they saw that a group of cyclists were already there, trying to save the senior husky mix. Leading them was a rugby coach who was already waist-deep inside the water.

Bad swimmer

Salty Thompson, an experienced coach, known for his love of saltwater fishing, was with his cycling group when they saw the pooch flailing in the canal, splashing water all over. The cyclists immediately stopped, and Salty, who admits he is not a good swimmer, dove right in, asking his friends to grab his hand and keep him steady.

The coach then extended himself, trying to grab hold of the desperate pup. That was the time the cops arrived. One of the Tempe officers was wearing a body cam, and the brave rescue effort was all caught on film.

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One of the officers had a leash with him and handed it over to Salty. With one hand, he struggled to put the harness over the dog’s head for a few minutes. When he was finally able to do it, the responders pulled the dog in, while Salty was also brought back to dry land.

Team effort

Salty was regarded as a hero for his actions. But he refused to take credit, saying it was a team effort, and he couldn’t have done it without his friends and the police officers.

As for the dog, she was taken in by a nonprofit rescue group. They would give her owners, if she had one, a week to claim her. If not, she would get a health check and be put up for adoption.

Source: ABC15 Arizona via Youtube

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