We deal with grief differently. Some are blessed with the gift of acceptance – it’s easy for them to embrace the situation wholeheartedly. They can go about their day without an ounce of bitterness or resentment in their hearts.

Others need time to process things. Once they’re done riding the rollercoaster of emotions, they then allow themselves to slowly learn to accept the situation.

And then, some refuse to accept what happened. This is understandable, especially if the loss has to do with someone or something they value dearly. Such is the case of Georgia, a beautiful Australian shepherd mix, who lost her whole litter of puppies.

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The grieving mother

A team of veterinarians performed an emergency C-section on Georgia to save her babies. They did everything they could, but their efforts were in vain. By the end of the procedure, all they could do was place the lifeless puppies beside their mom, who, at the time, was unconscious.

They tried their best to help the fur ball understand what happened. Georgia, however, refused to believe that her puppies were gone. So she went out on the streets and frantically looked for her “missing” babies.

Anita Osa, Sunshine Dog Rescue’s founder, and her team of volunteers chanced upon the grieving fur ball one day. They brought her to the shelter so she would be in a safe space while trying to make sense of what happened to her. She was also lactating then, so Osa took to Facebook to find puppies that needed to be breastfed.

From puppies to kittens

One of the replies Osa received was about orphaned kittens that desperately needed breastfeeding. Osa and her team were reluctant at first, but they still decided to give it a try.

When the tiny felines arrived at the shelter, they slowly introduced them to Georgia. To their surprise, the pooch accepted the kittens right away! They couldn’t help but tear up when they saw how happy Georgia looked while nursing them.

Credits to Sunshine Dog Rescue

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