Rambo’s future was uncertain when he was rescued last November. They found him suffering from infections in his eyes, ears, and skin. He was at death’s door that his recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

Iron Pits, a non-profit organization based in Cincinnati, kindly took him. He was fostered by Brooke Nusky, who lovingly documented his miraculous journey to recovery. He has transformed so much that when you look at him now, you would never know how much he suffered just a few months earlier.

Brooke tells us that Rambo was hurting so much all he did was sleep for the first few days she had him. He also had trouble walking, and he was so scared he has no confidence. It took some time and lots of TLC, but Rambo’s sweet personality soon prevailed.

The support and love he received from everyone certainly helped. Throughout his convalescence, many people sent him treats and toys. He also received numerous pet-care packages.

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Just after two short months, Rambo has gained complete recovery. He now has no medical issues, and he could be seen frequently jumping while playing around. He has finally learned how to live like the happy puppy he should be.

Brooke feels so rewarded, looking at the amazing change of Rambo. She had the chance to watch him transform from a sick and frightened puppy to a healthy and confident pooch. And Brooke thinks Rambo is now prepared for his next big challenge – finding a forever home.

The rescue assures anyone who plans to take Rambo home that he is an excellent family dog. He also gets along well with fur siblings, although he has some alpha tendencies. They recommend that he would be best housed with female canines who could be more affable. You can visit the Facebook pages of Iron Pits and Rambo’s Revamp for more information.

Credits to Rambo’s revamp

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