Have you been worrying about your dog’s health? It’s not easy to accept the fact that our best friend dog will eventually reach old age. Accompanied by old age is the possibility that he might acquire certain diseases due to his vulnerable body condition.

Top Priority

Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet, at this stage of his life, is  our topmost priority. Your vet should outline this diet . If your elderly dog has been suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or liver disease, it is vital to pay a visit to a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist. These experts should be able to give you the recommended diet for your dog’s health status. They will tailor fit the diet based on his condition.

For senior dogs with heart disease, a very important factor to identify before creating his diet is to know how severe it is. It is equally important to know what should be your dog’s ideal body weight since an increase or decrease in body weight is not good for your ailing dog.


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Recommended Diet

The recommended diet for the elderly is a low calorie, low sodium diet. It’s very critical to have a low calorie, low sodium diet for elderly dogs with heart disease especially those on earlier stages. Most of these dogs have difficulty to remove sodium in their bodies so it’s very important to limit their sodium intake.

Food that contains a lot of fiber and low amount of fats is highly suggested for elderly dogs. This diet is also recommended for elderly dogs with diabetes since it helps to control glucose level. It prolongs food absorption in the body thus helping to regulate the level of glucose in the blood.

You should complement this by scheduling their meal times, making sure they eat each meal the same time, each day. Nevertheless, we have to consult our vet on what specific brands they would recommend to help achieve this diet effectively.

Common Health Issues

Constipation is also a common health issue for elderly dogs. By giving them a high-fiber diet, you’re helping them to poo with ease. High fiber foods help in softening the food they’ve eaten, facilitating a smooth exit of the food from the body. You don’t want to see your elderly dog straining when defecating so we better provide them the right diet.

Elderly dogs that suffer from arthritis should have glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate in their food. Dogs that are suffering from joint pains or arthritis will benefit a lot from having these in their dog food. It’s also advisable to give this diet at the earlier stages of arthritis. There’s also available glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate supplements in the market but be careful and pick the one that is suited for dog consumption.

Quality Life

One of the things that will also help is to give your dog proper exercise. Many recommend having frequent, shorter walks instead of the long ones. Weight management will also ease the pain your dog has. Our goal is to freeze a bit the development of arthritis and still give them a quality life.


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