A couple was caught and arrested in a Texas Home Depot shop for switching price tags. Price tag switching is a common occurrence across the country but what surprised the police officers was what they found inside the couple’s car, which was parked outside Home Depot.

When the police investigated the couple’s car, they were alarmed to see a seemingly lethargic puppy locked inside the vehicle. The chihuahua found inside the car by the police was barely breathing and would certainly die if not for the fast response of the police.

They found the dog had consumed large amounts of heroin. The police who found the dog says that while the owners were busy switching price tags in Home Depot, their dog was left in the car, which found and consumed the couple’s heroin.

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Besides getting charged for fraud by switching price tags, they were also charged with heroin possession. The dog, who was nicknamed Lucky, was treated by Dr. Stacie Fowler, who works with the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic. She stated that the puppy would’ve died if it weren’t for the actions of the police.

The puppy is still on recovery from opiate overdose and is already in the care of The City of Carrollton Animal Adoption Center. Since the story broke out, people started to inquire about adopting Lucky. In fact, people reaching all the way to California and New Hampshire expressed their desire to adopt the chihuahua.

After three weeks and after Lucky made a full recovery, a family eventually came in to adopt the adorable chihuahua. A lucky little girl got to take Lucky home, and the shelter believes that Lucky will finally be able to experience a forever home that will shower him with love and affection.

Here’s a video of what Lucky went through with his previous owners and how he made a full recovery from getting overdosed with heroin. Thanks to the actions of the police, Lucky now has a second chance of finding happiness, which he surely will in the hands of his new family.

Video Source CBSDFW via YouTube

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