If there’s one activity that puppies are extremely fond of doing, it’s taking naps. It doesn’t matter if they had just woken up. The moment they find a comfortable spot, their eyes close and they start snoozing!

This is, of course, understandable since these youngsters need all the energy they need. When they’re not having fun in la-la land, we see them playing with their four-legged friends, exploring the world around them, or having the zoomies. They can’t stay put, that’s why we’re totally fine with them sleeping whenever they feel like it.

All this wanting to constantly go on sleep mode is fine, but this can be a problem if you’re a puppy undergoing training. Such was the case for Benny, an adorable puppy who conked out while having his initiation photograph taken.

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Part of the process

Benny’s mom gave birth to him and his siblings at the Guide Dog Foundation. From the moment he came into the world, he was already meant to do great things. He was destined to be an aid to first responders, a service dog to war veterans, or a guide dog to people who can’t see.

The volunteers had Benny undergo training to equip him with the skills he’d need to do his job well. Since taking the initiation photo of the dogs is part of the training, the staff at Guide Dog Foundation made sure to include it in the activities he had to undergo. They did forget a very important detail, though: they scheduled it during Benny’s nap time!

No trouble sleeping

The poor thing had a difficult time keeping his eyes open during the shoot! He got sleepier with every click of the shutter, and he conked out before the photo shoot ended. Luckily, the photographer managed to take a decent photo of him. Plus, he passed the training and is on his way to making a positive effect in someone’s life soon!

Credits to We Rate Dogs

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