Is your dog bored? Are you planning to make some changes to make your dog happy? Then, you are on the right track. Before you do something weird, check out these 6 proven tips to brighten up his day every day.Happy dog

1. Playing Tug of War
Laika’s favorite game is the tug of war. We play it at least once a day and never did we miss even once. I think she likes it because it serves not only as her physical exercise but also her mental exercise. She really enjoys this game a lot. Most people believe that playing this game would turn their dogs aggressive or dominant, but it’s actually the opposite. Just train your dog that whenever their teeth touch your hand, he should stop and drop the rope. Be aware as well that if you’re using a rope toy, secure it properly to avoid endangering your dog of its strings when swallowed.

2. Go Swimming with your Dog
Do you want to turn your normal day into an escapade with your dog? How about a trip to swim? Swimming sounds fun and exciting for both of you. Don’t you know that swimming is good for older dogs especially those with arthritis? Since it’s not a strenuous exercise, it’s good for their joints. Make sure to assess first his capability when it comes to water. For safety, have him wear a life jacket especially when you’re not on shallow waters. You have to teach him basics that don’t require much mental and physical energy.


3. Let him smell those Scents
If you want your dog to be happy, support his sniffing nature. When walking him, you’re not only building his physique but also you’re building his social awareness on what’s there in his surroundings. If humans use eyes, dogs use their noses to make sense of what’s happening around them while walking. Taking him for a walk every day is actually a great opportunity for him to discover the outside world. You are giving him happiness if you schedule a time for him to sniff around.]

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4. Change Route when Dog Walking                                            Doing exactly the same thing all over again get us bored and our dogs feel the same if we walk them with the same, exact course. In the long run, you might feel dull walking on the same side of the road. This is not good because your dog needs you to walk him every day. There are lots of ways to make this bonding with your dog exciting. You can let your dog choose what course you will take, try to visit to a local park or reroute whatever is your normal course.

5. Alternate Toys to Play
Same with us, our dog gets bored when they play the same toy every day. If you feel this is happening, try to alternate the toys his playing on a weekly or monthly basis. Instead of giving him all the available toys at once, give it by batch. Even if you’re giving him an old one, if he hasn’t seen it for a week or month, it will look new to him.

6. Buy them a Kiddie Pool
If you can’t take him for a swim, buy him a kiddie pool instead? If he has been spending most of his time outside, it would be refreshing for him to have a pool outside. Your dog will have fun immersing in water during a hot, sunny day. Just make sure to buy a hard plastic one rather than a soft one because it will just take one scratch to destroy his pool.


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Thomas Love grew up with five dogs throughout his childhood. He loves them to death and has not met one he didn't like. His first dog Duchess was always with him from his earliest memories until his last day of school in eighth grade. That day Thomas will never forget.


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