There is no doubt that our puppers are wanderers by nature, and they will always want to explore their surroundings every chance they get. Our little furballs are always curious about what’s going on outside their home, and sometimes this leads to them getting into trouble.

If there is a wall hindering their inquisitive instincts, they will try to jump over it, and if there is a gap or hole in the fence, they will try to go through that opening. Unfortunately, our puppers aren’t as flexible as cats, so they sometimes get stuck whenever they try to go through small openings.

That is exactly what happened to this two-year-old American pitbull-terrier mix named Buddy when he tried to go through a cinder block that has a hole in it. The pooch must’ve been itching to go outside as he could see through the block’s opening. But when Buddy tried to go through it, his head got stuck!

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Luckily for him, the Arizona Humane Society came to the rescue right away. They slowly chipped away on the cinder block’s opening to make it big enough to free Buddy. The rescuers had to be extremely careful as they could easily hurt the poor pooch, and there was only little room for error.

After 20 minutes, they were able to pull Buddy out of the cinder block! They immediately took him to an animal hospital nearby so he could receive treatment for minor injuries. After three days, Buddy was released, and he was reunited with his mom.

Hopefully, Buddy’s predicament would serve as a lesson for us all. We should cover up small openings where our doggos could get stuck, especially on our walls or fences. If that’s too difficult for us to do, then we should take our pups on walks regularly to sate their curiosity about the outside world.

Credits: Inside Edition

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