Don’t let a myth misinterpret your dog’s behavior
At some point, we would all think that old wives’ tales are true. We would often decode our dog’s actions and behaviors through it. We’ll go through the list one by one:

1. Letting your dogs sleep with you or stay on the couch would make him misbehave and he would think that he owns the house.
Not true, of course, our dogs would always pick the most comfortable spot, he would choose sleeping on the couch, or your bed. Who wouldn’t want to be cozied up in a soft, warm bed.

2. Tricks are only for younger dogs
False, learning tricks are applicable both for younger and older dogs. Trick training is perfect for older dogs because they are more keen to follow instructions and obey their fur parents, they are less playful too. So It would not be too hard for you to teach him new tricks.

3. Rubbing your dog’s nose on potty accidents
This is completely untrue, if your dog had a potty accident, you can’t rub his nose on it, your dogs won’t think the rubbing has something to do with the incident, moreover, this act would not mean that he would stop making the same mistake, Worse case is, if you do this to you dog, he would have a state of thinking that you are trying to hurt him. He will do more sneaking and make things harder for you.

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4. If your dog is cowering, it means he has been abused
One of the famous old wives’ tale when it comes to dog cowering, they would say that it means had been emotionally and physically abused. Well, it could be a reason, but there are a handful of many different factors that caused this specific kind of behavior. Some can be shy, anxious, scared, others are uncomfortable in petting. Sometimes, you can see him docking or cowering when they see strangers.

5. Shelter dogs VS Adopting a new puppy. (They say that adopting a puppy better because shelter dog has more emotional baggage)
This myth is totally not true. Shelter dogs need us the most, since they have been left behind by their owners. There are many possible reasons for abandoning a dog. Shelter dogs can be vulnerable and lonely, but once you get them out of the shelter, they will be happier as time goes by. If you will adopt a shelter dog, you would not worry much about potty training or house training because they have been through that. Unlike if you would get a new puppy, you have to start all over again.

The list could go on and on. Two things we have to understand is first, that dogs have their own behaviors. And second, that we don’t need to relate these acts with myths. Same with humans, they have feelings and emotions too. The best thing we can do is give them our utmost care, being with them every step of the way.

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Thomas Love grew up with five dogs throughout his childhood. He loves them to death and has not met one he didn't like. His first dog Duchess was always with him from his earliest memories until his last day of school in eighth grade. That day Thomas will never forget.


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