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When dogs entirely set their minds on a specific goal, anything is possible. This four-year-old Labrador and Pit Bull mix named Abby is no stranger to this as she was clear with her plans when she went missing. Abby spent her days by herself looking for her someone special to her.

The smart pup knew where to find that special someone, so she embarked on a journey and strolled into a Walmart entrance with little to no care about what people would think. There was a big sign that dogs are not allowed entry, but Abby shrugged it off and went her way inside.

When she arrived at the store, Abby did not find the special someone she was looking for right away. However, the dog was so sure that that special someone is inside, so she continued looking. During this time, Danielle Robinette, a customer sales associate, already saw the dog.

The dog had no collar or leash when she entered the store, so Danielle knew there was something wrong. Danielle is a dog lover, so she quickly left her post and followed the dog. According to Danielle, Abby was looking for something or someone as the dog was looking up to people.

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This was the time when June Rountree, one of Walmart’s cashiers, saw the dog. Abby got figured in a commotion at that moment, so many store employees and customers tried to catch the dog. June then rushed toward the dog and hugged Abby tightly. On the other hand, Abby reciprocated the hug and kissed June.

It turned out that Abby was June’s dog, who went missing a few years back. June could not contain her happiness upon seeing Abby because she did not expect to see the dog inside the store. It was an unlikely reunion, but June was thankful that Abby is safe.

Credits to Animal Planet.

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