A small cabin in the woods is home to three little Shiba Inu puppies. The mother of the three sisters is named Spicy. She’s happy when her puppies are clean and tidy. Roxie and Misty have cream-colored fur, and they are good at staying put. But this story is not about them.

This is the story of Cinnamon, the only one with a red coat out of the three siblings. Way before Cinnamon could hear or see, she’s already getting herself into messy situations. Like the one time, she stumbled into a muddy footprint inside the house.

Fast forward after three weeks, Spicy is making sure her puppies are quiet and well-behaved. Roxie and Misty share a similar disposition as their mother. Cinnamon, however, doesn’t share the same attitude. She shows her sisters how to have a little more fun. Unfortunately, she’s stuck having alone for the day.

Another two weeks pass, and the three puppies are having fun outside. As expected, Roxie and Misty are just relaxing. Cinnamon, on the other hand, spotted an interesting phenomenon. She moves closer to the person washing their car. She proceeds to make a mess again.

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It’s said that shibas have dirt-resistant coats. However, Cinnamon seems to be attracting dirt instead. She ends going back to her mother as a dirt-covered pup.

At eight weeks, the sisters had undergone a drastic change. Roxie and Misty, who used to be very prim and proper, are now matching Cinnamon’s intense energy. We can only imagine the disappointment Spicy is feeling.

Spicy deserves some time for herself. That’s why the three sisters go out and explore a bigger playground. Ever since Roxie and Misty became rowdy, Cinnamon has been feeling left out more often. Fortunately, when Cinnamon discovered a messier pastime, which is digging, her sisters joined in. Not only did she get her sister’s attention back, but she reclaimed her crown as the messiest sister.

Video courtesy of Animal Planet via YouTube.

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