A group of rescuers from Diasozo Animal Rescue, the local rescue organization in Karditsa, Greece, was on their way to rescue a dog when they spotted another stray by the side of the road. They didn’t plan to rescue him, but he was there, waiting for help. And so, they decided to save him first.

Ermionni Giannakou, the group’s lead rescuer, got off their car and slowly approached the dog. She couldn’t tell his breed because of his filthy and matted fur, but she knew, underneath that coat hid a loving dog.


The rescuer immediately began befriending the dog. She spoke to him in kind words and assured him he was safe with her. But when she tried to touch him, he snapped and almost bit her.

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It seemed a risky mission, but Ermionni thought otherwise. She believed the dog simply felt terrified and only needed a little time to learn to trust her. And so, she gave him time. She followed him when he walked away and waited until he was completely comfortable having her around.

The dog continued to walk to the adjacent street but suddenly stopped in front of a building. He probably felt exhausted and needed time to recharge. To the rescuer, however, it signaled the right time. She walked right behind him and attempted to rescue him one more time.

It was exhilarating but unlike her first attempt, Ermionni was able to touch the dog and even managed to carry him in her arms. She risked a bite in order to save him, and she was glad she did. She knew that if she didn’t, no one else would.

Once the dog was inside the car, the rescuers decided to split into two groups. Some of them proceeded to their original rescue mission, while Ermionni drove the dog she later on named Morgous straight to the vet’s office and made sure he got the medical attention he needed. Later on, she had him groomed, and she was surprised to see how handsome he was.

Soon enough, Morgous got his clean bill of health and left the clinic. But the better thing was, he didn’t need to stay at the shelter for long because while he recovered, Ermionni searched for an adoptive family for him. So from the vet’s office, he continued straight to his forever home.

Credits to DAR Animal Rescue


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