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Most dog owners confided that they renewed their relationship with their dogs because of the community lockdown as a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. One of these dog owners is Mike Tyson, a world-renowned boxer.

While the lockdown is an unfortunate event, Mike does not want to dwell on the negativity. He said that this lockdown had done good things for him. For one, the living legend has a pooch with him to combat the boredom at home. Tyson named his pooch Mars, and according to him, Mars meant the world to him.

Since Mike is almost always busy with his craft on ordinary days, the former heavyweight champion said that the lockdown renewed his relationship with the pooch. It was Mars who provides entertainment to Mike with the dog’s funny acts. Mike would often play with the pooch, and sometimes the dog would join her owner during the former’s workout session. The proud owner has set up an Instagram account for the pooch, where he shares their moments during the community quarantine.


In one of the videos Mike posted, the boxer pretended to box the pooch. Later on, Mars would lick her owner’s face, and Mike would giggle because he finds it sweet. Mike said that the dog becomes his refuge during this time of crisis. Without the dog, he does not know what to do with his life.

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According to Mike, he is thankful that Mars understands his routine. The pooch would often join the living legend whenever the latter jogs to keep himself in shape. Mike added that the dog enjoys doing physical activities with him. Mike said that he never forced the pooch to do this. But Mike is delighted that the pooch shares enthusiasm with everything he likes, such as fitness and sports.

Credits to Mars Tyson.


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