Dogs are in such high demand today that enterprising but inexperienced people have thought of a way to make money out of them. Even today, there are puppy mills all over the country that breed dogs to sell. Aside from being unethical, many of the dogs from puppy mills suffer and eventually die.

A puppy named Nubz was born in a puppy mill in Missouri. He was the only one that actually survived from his litter and he lived the early days of his life in a cage. Nubz’s mom was stressed for being locked in a cage that she ended up chewing off both of Nubz’s back paws.

Thankfully, Nubz was rescued his injuries were treated. Unfortunately, both of his back feet can’t be saved and he needed to be in prosthetics to be able to walk. Nubz’s rescuers worked hard to get him what he needed. They provided him with prosthetics and even therapy to help him learn to walk using his new feet.


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A man from Salem, Oregon named Jim Havlinek saw a video of Nubz during his therapy. When he saw Nubz sliding down a ramp, that’s when he knew that he wanted to adopt him. However, Jim needed to drive across the United States to get Nubz.

Without even a second thought about it, Jim drove from Oregon to Pennsylvania just to give Nubz a loving forever home. Jim believed that Nubz deserved a loving home and he knew that his home would be able to give Nubz what he needed. When Nubz and Jim met, both of them instantly bonded and became best friends.

Nubz is now living with his amazing family who loves him. He even has new doggie siblings who love him. Nubz is truly lucky to have an amazing dad like Jim. Here’s a video featuring Nubz’s new life that will surely pull on your heartstrings.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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