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For more than a decade now, Rick Slater has been best friends with his beloved dachshund, Banjo. Ever since Rick adopted the pooch, they became inseparable through good times and bad. Walking outside of the house is one of the activities Rick and Banjo enjoys. However, this activity has recently been halted after Rick and Banjo incurred severe health problems.

In January this year, Rick had an episode of stroke. A week after, Banjo also injured his back. At first, the dog owner thought that the pooch would be alright because it was only a minor injury. However, after a few days, the dog could not move his hind legs.

The reason why Banjo hurt his back is still unknown to the dog’s family until now. But according to the dog’s veterinarian, back injuries are common in dachshunds. The only way to address the concern is through surgery. The veterinarians, however, warned the dog’s family that the mood of Banjo might change after the surgery.


Similarly, the veterinarians cautioned that there could be physical challenges for the pooch, which will lead to depression on Banjo. But since the family had no other choice, they gave the veterinarian the green light to operate on the dog.

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Fortunately, the pooch maintained a happy demeanor even after the surgery. Meanwhile, Rick was pleased about this development, so he is taking it as a positive sign. Rick said that he wants to get well so he could play with the pooch again.

Rick and Banjo are now recovering through the help of their family. Rick is thankful because Banjo survived the dangerous operation. The dog owner said that he would do his best to help the dog recover. But he also wishes that he would be able to recover as soon as possible.

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