A few days back, Jan Mart Calimpong visited a mall near his home in Taguig City, Philippines. Other people had the same idea. But what astonished him was the fact that a four-legged creature also decided to hang out at the mall and chill there.

In the center of the walkway, Jan spotted a stray dog. It lay comfortably on the cold tiles and didn’t mind the people walking past him. It’s as if the mall was his home and the shoppers were his family members.

Stray animals aren’t typically allowed inside mall premises. It’s for everyone’s safety. After all, there’s no saying how many people there would be and whether the dog would be comfortable enough being surrounded by them.

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But in this particular situation, it seemed like the dog was there searching for someone. He probably thought it’s time he finds his family. And luckily, he found it.

Someone alerted the mall security about the friendly stray. As one of the guards approached the animal, Jan started recording. To his surprise, the security personnel gave the pup a few scratches on his back and then gently escorted the pooch outside.

It was uncommon to see a stray animal hanging out inside a mall, but the security guard’s response was more astonishing. He didn’t just shoo the dog away and made sure the animal leaves the premised unharmed.

When the management learned about the adorable incident, they instantly decided to offer the dog a job. The guards named him Dogdog, and they welcomed him into their team. Despite having no experience, they all agreed that Dogdog would be an essential part of the mall’s security team.

Dogdog was once a stray. He had no family, and he didn’t even have a name. But today, he’s surrounded by a group of people that care about him, and they even gave him a job.

Credits to Jan Mart Calimpong

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