Whenever someone leaves, it’s as if a part of ourselves goes with the person who left. The following days without that special someone seems dull and bleak, leaving us with a gaping hole in our hearts. And it seems, nothing can ever fix that hole within us, except for that special someone.

While this feeling holds for humans who felt this, it seems dogs also go through the same ordeal as well. Though they can’t express their feelings verbally, their whimpers and pitiful cries are enough for us to know.

Bud, do you need to leave me?

Going to school is an everyday routine for kids. They wake up, hop into the car, and go off it towards their daily academic jungle. All these they do to achieve their dreams.

However, it looks like not everybody gets used to this routine.

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In the peaceful town of San Marcos in Texas, a loyal pooch named Dixie accompanies her fur mom as they drop off her brother to school.

Every day, the family goes through this routine, but it seems Dixie can’t adjust to it. Every single time Dixie’s brother goes out of their car, she cries her heart out at the sight of her playmate leaving.

Bud, stay here, please?

Even before the boy leaves the car, Dixie subtly hints to the boy that she doesn’t want him to go. Dixie places her paws on the boy’s school bag in an attempt to hold the inevitable farewell. However, the boy seems immune to Dixie’s cute antics. He manages to pry away the dog’s paws off his school bag.

Since attempt number one failed, the adorable pooch tries staring at the boy with the puppy look. Everyone knows how effective this method is on most people – except again for this particular boy.

As if Dixie’s invisible, the boy continues preparing his things for school. Before the dreaded moment came, Dixie’s mom holds on to her collar and entices the dog with whistles to keep her from running after the boy.

Please, come back.

However, it looks like mom’s distraction methods aren’t working for the nth time. As soon as the boy hops off the car and closes the door, Dixie starts whimpering.

One can tell how much Dixie misses her best bud by the way the pooch looks out the car window. Anyone can see that the pooch misses the boy dearly, and hopes that he’ll change his mind soon.

As fur mom and Dixie drives further away from the school, Dixie starts crying nonstop. And all mom could do for the pooch is to reassure her they’ll come back for the boy after school.

Do you think fur mom convinced Dixie to calm down? Have a look at the video below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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Thomas Love grew up with five dogs throughout his childhood. He loves them to death and has not met one he didn't like. His first dog Duchess was always with him from his earliest memories until his last day of school in eighth grade. That day Thomas will never forget.


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