Lili is a cute little pup who loves her family very much and has a practical and adorable way of showing it. But among the pup’s whole family, she tends to focus her love on one person in particular, her grandma.

Ana Clara Simoes, Lili’s fur mom, lives with her family together with her 86-year-old grandma in Brazil. Ana said that ever since her grandma met Lili, her grandma has found a cute yet reliable companion in the house.

Ana and her family willingly assist each other in helping their grandma live a comfortable and fulfilling life despite her health conditions and limited mobility. But Lili has personally decided to take up the role of her grandma’s ‘caretaker’. And when I say caretaker, I meant making sure that her grandma gets to move around the house using her wheelchair easily.

Ana related how she caught little Lili dragging the carpet mats away to make sure her grandma’s wheelchair passes through comfortably. This is not just a one-time occurrence; Ana noticed that the little pup would do this every time she catches her grandma entering the living room area. Ana and her family then concluded that Lili was not just playing around when she kept dragging the mats, but that she was actually doing it out of care for her grandma.

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However, the sweet little pup has yet to learn how to drag the carpet mats back to its original place. But Lili’s thoughtfulness and love for her grandma is what really counts. Lili’s acts of kindness toward others also influenced her dog sibling to show kindness.

Ana also related how she caught her other dog, Lara, dragging the carpet mat too. No doubt, their grandma appreciates the two sweet little pups’ gestures of love for her. Though Lili’s acts of care may appear to be just small deeds, it clearly shows the enormous love that the little pup has for her grandma and the rest of her family.

Credits to ana

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