We’ve already seen countless videos of adorable puppies being cute and charming. A pup’s small size, innocence, and baby-like behavior make us love them more. Pet parenting is such a fulfilling experience as it makes us happier and better people.

Many people want to get a puppy for a pet so that they could train the young dog as they get older. Owners want to see their dogs build a desirable trait while they’re young. That is precisely what Peter Schulz from Florida does to his young Labrador named Gracie.


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Peter owns Gracie’s mother and grandmother, whom he also trained to fetch newspapers in their driveway and bring inside. In a viral video online, you’ll see a four-month-old Gracie trying to get a newspaper to her dad. Peter’s teaching Gracie the same skill he taught Gracie’s mom and grandma, but this Labrador’s too small to carry a newspaper twice her size.

However, it didn’t stop Gracie to try harder. You’ll see this adamant puppy pushing the newspaper wrapped in plastic, and when she’s having a hard time, she will run to her human dad to ask for assistance.

Gracie always tries her best to grab the newspaper, and even though she’s dealing with a big and heavy object, it does not hinder her from completing her task. Peter patiently teaches her ways on how to push or drag the newspaper with the use of her mouth.

Peter keeps encouraging Gracie that she could make it because he knows that his beloved pup’s not a quitter. Gracie looks very determined to follow the footsteps of her family members. After her struggles and several attempts to carry the newspaper, she finally succeeded! Peter must be a one proud parent as Gracie learned to hold a newspaper one step at a time.

Source: Caters Clips


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