As we all know, our doggos are so friendly that they could actually become friends with any creature on this planet. They could be buddies with birds, and they could even befriend aquatic creatures. However, the Siberian husky in the viral video below was pretty scared when he met dolphins for the first time.

This adorable doggo named Rocky belongs to Ukrainian vlogger Mike Bakunovitskyi. The dog dad decided to bring his doggo Rocky to the dolphin center in Kharvkov, Ukraine. Perhaps Mike was pretty optimistic regarding his husky meeting dolphins for the first time. However, it wasn’t as magical as he’d hoped.


When Rocky met the dolphins, the pupper was pretty much scared of the aquatic creatures. The doggo stayed away from them, and every time the dolphins made a sound, the pupper twitched! It was pretty funny seeing a supposedly vocal dog silenced because he was afraid.

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When the dolphins tried to come near Rocky, the pooch walked away from them as if to say, “Nope, I’m out of here.” But we think that the pupper was just intimated by the size of the dolphins as they were pretty huge.

However, when the dolphins went back into the water, Rocky’s shyness disappeared. He started barking at the dolphins in a playful manner. And it was pretty obvious that the dolphins were interested in playing with the doggo.

Rocky was just probably spooked because it was his first time meeting them. We’re pretty sure that if Mike brings Rocky back for another playdate, his pooch will be more friendly towards the dolphins. We all know that our doggos are the friendliest creatures on earth, and given enough time, Rocky will be best buds with these dolphins.

For now, let’s just enjoy this funny clip of Rocky meeting dolphins for the first time and being absolutely horrified of them.

Credits: Caters Clips


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