According to experts, the number one reason why dogs go to a vet is because of ear infections. To prevent any major ear problems from affecting your dog is to proactively catch them early on.  So by all means clean your dog’s ears.

One of the basic steps you can do is to have a regular grooming routine. Examine your dog’s ears to ensure everything looks normal.

clean your dog's ears

How Many Times Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears in A Week?


The answer will be is to clean them when they get dirty. There is no specific answer as to how often you should clean your dog’s ears. But by inspecting your dog’s ears and finding out they look and smell clean you don’t need to clean them.

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If your dog already has an ear infection history or if there is wax build up, you may want to check their ears regularly. It only takes a wax buildup or debris for an ear infection to develop. On the other hand, if your dogs don’t have any history on ear issues or any buildups, then you can check his ear on a weekly basis.

Remember that healthy ears don’t have an odor. So if you notice something out of the ordinary you should contact your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis. They then will be able to examine your dog’s ears and find out what microorganisms are causing the condition.

It is highly recommended that you seek professional help in treating ear infections. If you try to manage it on your own, you may end up giving permanent to your ears. The following are some of the signs and symptoms of ear infections in dogs:

  •    Foul odor coming from your dog’s ears.
  •    Swelling
  •    Redness
  •    Discharge
  •    Excessive on the ear area
  •    Hypersensitivity or pain

If you notice any black or dark brown ear wax coming out from your dog’s ears you should call your veterinarian, as this is a common symptom of ear mites. If left untreated the infection can lead to permanent .

Dog Breeds that are More Susceptible to Ear Infections

When it comes to dog ear infection, there are two factors that increase the development of the condition.

Dogs with long floppy ears tend to develop ear infections due to the likelihood of dirt and moisture being a trap in the ear canal. Dog breeds such as Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds are more prone to developing ear infections due to their pendulum ears. See to it that you check their ears and make sure that it’s clean.

Certain types of dogs that have a lot of inner ear hair may also tend to develop ear infections. This is because the hair is more likely to trap dirt and debris. But by monitoring your dog’s ears on a regular basis may catch up excess wax or debris that is building up.

Also, dogs that love to swim often are also prone to develop an ear infection. So try to dry your dog’s ears thoroughly after they are done swimming.

You can ask somebody for help when cleaning your dog’s ears. The activity may not be your dog’s most favorite past time.


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