LA’s nonprofit rescue organization Hope For Paws received a text message about a homeless Husky wandering in a ghost town. The group’s founder, Eldad Hagar, and one of its lead rescuers, Loreta Frankonyte, quickly drove to the said location. Although they realized that they were going to a rougher part of the city, the rescuers didn’t hesitate to save the animal.

Eldad immediately spotted the dog. He saw it crossing the busy road, almost getting hit by a passing car a few times. Considering the risks they faced, he and Loreta agreed they needed to secure the Husky as soon as possible.

The rescuers devised a plan to get close to the animal. Eldad instructed Loreta to approach the dog and offer it food. Sadly, it stayed nervous and even avoided going near the rescuer.

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Eldad and Loreta switched to a different plan. They decided to set up a trap to secure the dog. However, a passing train scared the dog further and made it run away farther from the area where they set the crate up.

The rescuers tried to coax the dog back towards the trap, but it avoided going into the crate. Eldad and Loreta waited patiently, but night soon set in. The pair realized they needed to actively go after the animal if they wanted to catch it.

Eldad and Loreta cornered the dog into a smaller area. It threatened to pass them and tried to escape, so the rescuers set up soccer nets to block its path. After a couple of tries, Eldad successfully looped the animal in with a gentle snare.

The rescuers finally secured the dog in a crate, making sure it didn’t spend another scary night alone in the ghost town. They hurriedly brought it to their car and drove out of the place. On their way to the veterinary facility, Loreta decided to name the male Husky, Prince.

Prince received the royal treatment at the vet’s office by getting a much-needed bath and a clean bill of health. He then joined his foster family a few days later. Shortly afterward, he found an amazing forever home.

Credits: Hope For Paws and Loreta Frankonyte

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