Just like with our actual children, we are responsible for teaching our doggos how to make the world a better place. As we all know, our fur babies have the ability to emphasize, and not just with us, but with other animals as well. We just need to show them the way or give them a hand so that they can act on that feeling of compassion in their hearts.

Luckily for Norman, the 134-pound Mastiff, he has a dog dad that allowed him to help other doggos in need. This colossal canine made local news back in 2017 when he helped another pooch in need by donating his own blood.

Just like his canine relatives, Norman is a rare universal blood donor. Unlike humans, dogs have eight blood types, so having puppers like Norman is pretty valuable.

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Norman’s human, Jeff King, received a phone call one day from a veterinary hospital in Nanaimo, British Columbia. They asked him if he’s willing to let Norman donate blood for the first time as someone desperately needed it.

A Rottweiler named Baby needed emergency surgery after a tumor in her spleen was ruptured. Her dog dad, Michael, shared in an interview that he just kept on crying because he did not know what to do. Luckily for him and Baby, Jeff agreed to let Norman help.

The vets that operated on Baby explained that the Rottweiler wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for Norman’s blood donation, and because of this, Michael was eternally grateful. The relieved dog dad stated that his Christmas wish was to have all the family members around, including his dog. And thanks to Norman, that wish was granted.

When Michael met Norman for the first time, he couldn’t help but kiss and hug the pooch. The Mastiff just stared at Michael while he received all that love. The pup must’ve wondered, “Who is this guy, and why is he kissing me?” We hope that Norman lives a long life so that he can help more puppers in need.

Credits: CTV News

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