When Soleil Pond adopted her Samoyed, Nimbus, about four years ago, she realized that the downside of having such a big and fluffy dog was dealing with too much fur around. You see, the four-year-old Samoyed would always shed a lot, blanketing almost every inch of the house with its white coat.

However, unlike other fur parents who would simply clean up the furry mess, Soleil decided to start saving the fur instead. She realized that the incredible amount of Nimbus’ shedding had some crafting potential, so she wanted to create something out of it as a keepsake.

She thought it would be a cute idea since most of her family members were across the country and hadn’t been able to meet Nimbus yet. However, over the past several years, Soleil hadn’t had a single clue what she could make out of the pup’s shedding.


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Genius Dog 300 x 250 - Animated

Well, that was until her friend, Charlotte Lake, suggested that they make a pair of boots! The fur mom immediately agreed, thinking that walking in Nimbus’ footsteps would be a lovely idea. However, since Soleil wasn’t actually an artsy person, she decided to send the shedding over to Charlotte instead.

She immediately got to work on the day that she received the bunch of furs, and after working on the boots for 24 hours each, she finally sent the photo of the finished product to Soleil. It was quite safe to say that the fur mom fell in love with them at first sight.

Charlotte said that the boots were super comfy and perfect for lining weatherproof boots for winter camping. Although she hadn’t sent the product over to Soleil yet, the fur mom already shared the boots’ photos on Facebook, where it gained quite the traction. Look at the adorable and stylish Nimbus boots here.

Courtesy of Soleil Pond


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