Brothers Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin were hanging out with their pal Andre Daniels when they came across a struggling canine. They were helping an old woman move houses at that time, but their minds were taken off the tasks given to them when they saw the poor thing. The dog had bungee cords wrapped around her body. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the poor thing was also emaciated.

The boys knew they had to rush to the dog’s aid. After bidding the old woman goodbye, they immediately helped the canine. They first freed her from the bungee cords that were wrapped around her body. They then wrapped her in a jacked and brought her home.

Learning to trust humans

The boys didn’t need an expert to tell them that the dog was a victim of abuse. They figured that out themselves when they saw the terrible state the dog was in. She was thin, she had wounds all over her almost fur-less body, and she was shivering. It was absolutely devastating.

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Surprisingly, despite everything she experienced in the hands of humans, it was easy for her to warm up to the boys. She knew what their intentions were, so she allowed them to help her.

A second chance for Sparkles

The boys were all taking care of her when they decided to name her Sparkles. After feeding her, bathing her, and hanging out with her for a bit, they decided to call local non-profit Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue (DPCDR) that same day. As much as they wanted to take care of Sparkles, they knew she’d be better of staying with folks from DPCDR.

When the volunteers arrived, they thanked the four boys for saving Sparkles’s life. They then brought her to the vet for some tests. After a few routine tests, she was given the go signal and was transferred to a foster home.

Credits to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

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Thomas Love grew up with five dogs throughout his childhood. He loves them to death and has not met one he didn't like. His first dog Duchess was always with him from his earliest memories until his last day of school in eighth grade. That day Thomas will never forget.


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