On one sunny day, two adorable pups named Stanley and Miles went out with their mom, Magen Peigelbeck, to go boating at a nearby river on the coast of Georgia. While enjoying the nice scenery and the fresh air, a friendly visitor came to greet them. And the visitor was no other than a sweet-looking dolphin.

The dolphin appeared to be very happy to see the two adorable dogs. The dolphin kept poking its head in and out the water as if saying hello to the pups. Magen was amazed at what was happening and decided to take a video of the special encounter. The dolphin did not stop by for a quick hello. Instead, it chose to hang out around them for a while.

It seemed like the dolphin just could not get enough of Stanley and Miles. But as much as he was fixated on the two pups, the dolphin paid little to no attention to Magen. Thankfully, Magen didn’t feel hurt by being ignored by the dolphin.


Magen says that the dolphin was having a great time with the pups and was not interested in her, but she was not bothered by it. She said that she didn’t mind it one bit as long as her fur babies were having a good time. Magen adds that she and her two pups have been boating for years but have never experienced anything like this. It was really a special moment that they will always remember.

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Over the past weeks, Magen and her pups have been on the lookout for the friendly dolphin. However, they haven’t seen the dolphin again. However, the pups have not given up hope in seeing their dolphin friend again. Watch Stanley and Miles’s special encounter with the dolphin below:

WATCH: A dolphin said "hello" to two curious dogs near the Isle of Hope Marina this morning 🐬 Full video: (via Magen Peigelbeck)

Posted by WSAV News 3 On Your Side on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Credits: WSAV News 3 On Your Side


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