Leslie Kowash attended a family get-together in Georgia a few days ago. She knew that the only ones who were present at the gathering were her loved ones, but someone decided to join the special occasion despite not being on the guest list.

To Leslie and her family’s surprise, they did not expect that someone would crash their party in the form of a four-legged brown Labrador Retriever. What made the party-crasher so noticeable is that he is on the chubbier side.

Leslie shared with The Dodo that they celebrated their gathering in the backyard of her family’s cottage. There was a massive all-you-can-eat table filled with yummy southern cuisine.

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Leslie and her loved ones did not hesitate to welcome the sweet dog into their gathering. The chunky dog gladly received lots of pets and belly rubs as if he were a real member of Leslie’s family, but the Labrador had a hidden agenda of why he gatecrashed their party.

It turns out that the smart four-legged dog came for the free food. The Labrador knew that he has to win the crowd over to get what he came for, and that is what exactly he did.

One thing that the dog did not know is that his owner had already sabotaged his plans of getting free treats from strangers from the very beginning. When Leslie checked the dog’s collar, it pleaded that whoever gets to read the dog’s neckband not to feed the dog.

Leslie read further, and the reason why the dog’s owner does not want him to be fed is that he is already getting too big. Luckily, she read the instruction and decided to respect the owner and not to give the dog some more food to eat.

Some people that the brown dog approached did not see the tag, so he was able to get a few bites off of other people’s food. However, when Leslie spread the word about the dog’s collar, her family members opted to shower the dog with cuddle instead.

Source: Dogspotting via Facebook

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