To become hearing impaired is surely hard to accept for anyone. There are many things that you used to enjoy doing that you can find difficult to do, such as making calls and listening to music. If humans feel this way, animals like dogs may also feel bad if this happens to them.

But, not everyone will dwell on the negative side of being hearing impaired. While some may take this from a negative perspective, there are still some who would see the brighter side of things. Take this dog’s story as an example.

Ghost, the hearing-impaired dog, is now renowned as he is considered as the very first K-9 deaf dog in the history of Washington State. He is now being trained to be part of the narcotics division of Washington State. What this young dog has gone through in his life is also a very interesting story.

Because of his disability, this two-year-old dog was never chosen for adoption. There are prospect foster families but upon learning that his hearing is impaired, they would usually back out. Due to the growing population in the animal shelter where he was previously at, Ghost was already scheduled for mercy killing.

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Luckily, his story caught the attention of an animal rescue group named Swamp Haven, so he was saved from the dreaded euthanasia. The said rescue group did everything they can to find a family who would truly care and love Ghost despite his hearing loss. One day, they got the chance to speak with Barb Davenport, a K-9 trainer.

Barb is very passionate in taking care of special dogs like Ghost so adopting the dog was an easy decision. He took time in grooming, feeding, and training Ghost to become the productive and dependable dog that he is today. He did not give up on Ghost, and he is an instrument to the dog’s success now.

Watch the video below:

Dog deemed ‘unadoptable' to become first-ever deaf K-9 in Washington

A dog deemed “unadoptable” — will become the first-ever deaf K-9 in Washington state. Young 'Ghost' was scheduled to be euthanized. Here in Washington, he’s found his forever home, helping to serve our community.

Posted by KIRO 7 News on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Credits to KIRO 7 News

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