We always see stray dogs crossing the streets with their four legs — some very attentive, and some just running for their lives. However, a smart dog in Nepal had something else in mind and surprised everyone online after a video of her crossing the street with her owner went viral.

Natalie Compton, an American journalist, traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal to hike up the ever famous Mount Everest. A few days before their scheduled trek, she strolled in the outskirts of the city and saw an unusual sighting of a dog and his owner.

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Natalie had enough time to walk around the small town to look for a gym where she can train before the trekking starts. She decided to spend a few good hours inside, maximizing the time she had left before her adventure starts.

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After her workout, she sat outside the gym to take a break and observe the people around her. The streets of Kathmandu was mesmerizing enough to watch, but Natalie has more to see than just the busy road.

Aside from the people, the cute dogs in the streets caught Natalie’s attention as they were all very friendly. She would get her phone and take videos of the pups as a souvenir.

Natalie was almost done with her sightseeing when she saw a dog and his owner crossing the street. She knew it wasn’t just another dog when the next thing happened. The owner held his hand out as if he was asking for his dog to give him his paw. In return, the dog stood up, took his owners hand and started to surprise everyone.

They walked hand-in-hand, crossing the street in unison! Natalie couldn’t believe what she saw and kept telling herself that it was the cutest fifteen seconds of her life. It was a good thing that Natalie caught everything in action for us to witness this extraordinary sight.

Check the video below for yourself!

Video credit: Youtube Azhar Talib

Special thanks to our friends for sharing this awesome story.

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