Baekgu, a white Jeju, was about four months old when he first got to explore the outside world. He was so happy that he was finally able to play outside. But his fun adventures quickly turned into big trouble when he suddenly fell and got stuck inside an old pipe.

The puppy’s family did nothing to get him out of the pipe. The farmer who owns the land, however, refused to just stand back and watch. He never saw the little pup but he knew it was there because he could hear cries of distress coming from the waterway.

When neighbors called out the puppy’s name, Baekgu did not show up. He hid further into the waterway and pretended like he wasn’t there. He cried for help but when people came to lend a hand, he simply ignored them.

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Days quickly turned into weeks and Baekgu was still inside the 10-year-old water pipe. It was a good thing that it was clogged and hadn’t been used for so long or it would be filled with water that would cause him to drown. The downside was, there was no other way to get to him so rescue proved utterly challenging.

Despite not seeing the dog even for once, the farmer continued to feed Baekgu. He knew the puppy ate the food as soon as he was gone because when he came back, the bowl was always empty. He also heard barks coming from the canal, enough for him to believe that the pup was fine.

Eventually, the farmer realized he better call for help to get Baekgu out. It had been three months since the puppy fell inside the ditch and it surely had grown in size. Waiting any further may result in bigger trouble so he contacted a rescue group and volunteer workers responded right away.

The rescuers dug out the one end of the drain to create an opening and then flushed the dog out on the other end. The plan seemed futile at first but soon enough, it worked. At last, Baekgu was out of the irrigation pipe.

After receiving medical attention, Baekgu started a new life with his new dad, the farmer who took care of him. At last, they saw each other face to face.

Credits to Kritter Klub

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