We don’t give our dogs enough credit for how smart they are. They’re really good at picking up tricks and commands that we teach them, and these animals are also good at recognizing our emotions. They’re also protective of their family and will do everything to keep their family safe.

Many of us have heard many amazing stories about dogs having their owners’ lives. However, one particular dog named Yolanda is extraordinary. Owned by a blind woman named Maria Colon, Yolanda did something truly heroic and amazing that it’s hard to believe.

One evening, Maria was already fast asleep when a fire broke out in her home. Thankfully, she woke up and was alarmed when she recognized the unmistakable smell of smoke. Maria knew that she had little time to react and was in danger of suffocating and choking on the smoke quickly filling up her home.


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Maria got up and called on Yolanda by yelling the word “danger.” Yolanda recognized the command, and she immediately knew what to do. Using a special phone, Yolanda pressed the emergency button. After alerting the authorities about the emergency, she guided Maria out of the burning building.

Emergency services were also quick to dispatch firefighters, paramedics, and the police to the area. Thanks to Yolanda and her excellent training, both she and her owner escaped what could have been a fatal situation. Maria and Yolanda were both taken to the hospital for mild smoke inhalation, but they were reunited after a day.

Yolanda’s actions saved her owner’s life. She is truly a courageous and intelligent dog who put her life on the line for Maria. Maria is thankful that Yolanda was there to help her. If it weren’t for her dog, the outcome would have been very different. Here’s a video featuring Yolanda’s inspiring story.

Video Source Do You Know! via YouTube


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