Hurricane Irma affected thousands of families in the state of Florida. A lot of families lost their homes and other properties. Others feared for their safety, as well as the lives of their beloved pets. A kind couple took in pets stranded during the hurricane. They opened up their home to them while their owners evacuated to safety.

Ron and Gretchen Levine, an animal-loving couple, own a pet sitting service called A Paw Above – a place where families can leave their pets if they need to be somewhere else. On typical days, they petsit a few animals – but with Hurricane Irma devastating the state, the number of pets under their care grew.


According to the couple, a lot of families evacuated their homes – they did not know where to bring their pets. Ron and Gretchen decided to open up their home to the poor animals – most of them dogs. The couple also received requests to pick up dogs from homes of families who are on vacation when the hurricane hit.

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Ron and Gretchen ended up taking care of a total of forty-six pets. These animals, mostly dogs, came from twenty-three different families. The said families expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the couple for keeping their pets safe. They could not imagine how the couple managed all the animals inside their home. According to the Levines, all pets got along inside their house!

The couple segregated the pets – first tending to the dogs. Ron and Gretchen grouped the dogs into two – the small and the large breeds. Next, they tend to the cats, which they placed in their cat condos in a separate room. All the animals were calm about the storm outside and just seemed to enjoy the company of the other pets.

The hurricane was finally over, but the couple still kept some of the animals. They knew some families need time to recover from the devastation brought about by Hurricane Irma. As pet lovers, Ron and Gretchen dedicated their time and their home to help fellow pet owners. With a simple act of kindness, they can show support to those affected by the hurricane.

credits: A Paw Above via Facebook


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