Nothing can be sadder than watching shelter dogs patiently wait for their rescuers to come. Seeing these precious pets in kennels instead of a loving home can easily break a dog lover’s heart in two. Thankfully, these pups are provided for and well taken care of by the dedicated volunteers at the shelter until they can find their forever homes.

One of these volunteers is Cheryl Wallace. She frequently visits her local shelter to take care of her furry friends. But unlike all the other caretakers at the dog pound, Cheryl has a rather extraordinary and interesting way of showing her love for the rescues.

You see, Cheryl is a very skilled cellist. She usually plays in front of a massive audience at concert halls every so often. But the moment she learned that classical music plays a significant role in calming down dogs at stressful environments like the shelter, she didn’t even think twice on going.


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Since then, she has transferred from playing in music halls to playing in the halls of the adoption kennels. Her slow and low musical pieces had always managed to relieve the stress inside the shelter and relax the troubled pooches. Some of her audience even tends to fall asleep.

She mentioned that if she were in a typical music hall setting, she would get offended with a sleepy audience. But when she performs for the rescues, she finds their sleepy response entirely satisfactory. She enjoys seeing the dogs calm down during her mini-concerts.

There was even a time when one of the timidest dogs in the shelter allowed a shelter staff to stroke him for the very first time ever. Her music also made one shy pup to come out of its hiding spot.

Cheryl hopes to inspire other music lovers out there to play for the shelter and help these dogs through another stressful day at the shelter. Watch her calming shelter concert here.

Courtesy of KETV NewsWatch 7


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