Sibling relationships can be wonderful and complicated at the same time. Though your sibling can be an annoyance sometimes, there is no one else who will guide and protect you like a brother or sister. And this kind of brotherly or sisterly love applies to animals as well.

Star and Denver are two sibling pups born into a litter of eight. The puppies, along with their mother, were abandoned. Thankfully, their little fur family was found and rescued. They ended up at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California. But somehow, it was noticeable that something was wrong with Star.

While the rest of the young pups were actively playing in the animal center, Star was the odd one – showing signs of having special needs. That is when the staff discovered out that the 3-month-old terrier mix was deaf and blind.


One staff noted that there was one sibling, Denver, who had lovingly appointed himself as Star’s personal guide dog. This means he is helping his sister navigate around her surroundings. The staff was amused and blown away by Denver’s heart of gold.

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The staff shares that the two siblings are now inseparable. On some rare occasions where they are apart, Denver is quick to look for Star, giving reassurance that he is with her.  Given their precious bond, the brother and sister were both put up for adoption together.

By being adopted together, Denver can still play the role of Star’s personal guide while supporting her in their new forever home. These two have proven that sibling love never dies and that there is a lot we can achieve with the help and love of a good friend.

Curious as to how Denver guides Star? Watch their precious sibling bond in the video below.

Source: CBS 8 San Diego via Youtube


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