Located in North Carolina, Pamlico Sound is the largest lagoon in the stretch of the North American East Coast. It is a huge tourist destination that attracts numerous visitors. Most tourists would usually go on a boat ride, zipping through the usually calm waves and enjoying the views.

On one particular day, a fun trip almost turned into a tragedy after a family lost their pet. The pooch went overboard after hitting a wave, and they didn’t quickly realize it. By the time they noticed, the lab mix was nowhere in sight.

Thankfully, a U.S. Coast Guard vessel was nearby and came to the rescue.

Good swimmer

The pet in this story is called Myla. Her family went up and down the lagoon before finally contacting the authorities for help. A lot of time had passed already, and for many dogs, this could have resulted in a tragic end. Fortunately, Myla was a good swimmer.

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At that time, U.S. Coast Guard vessel CG24508 was near the area and was conducting law enforcement training. When they received the report, the crew halted their exercises and headed immediately to the lagoon. Everyone on board was actively on the lookout for anything floating in the waters.

When one of the guardsmen saw Myla, the dog was already swimming toward them. The crew quickly headed in the direction of the exhausted pooch and brought her onboard as soon as they could reach down to her.

Responsible pet ownership

Authorities estimated the dog had paddled for over half an hour and most likely swam for a mile. Once she was back on land, the pooch was reunited with his grateful family.

When the story broke out online, many people criticized Myla’s owners for not giving their pet a life jacket. It wouldn’t just help keep the pup afloat, but it would also make her more visible. But in the end, having their pooch back was all that mattered to them.

Source: U.S. Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet via Facebook

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