Bernese Mountain Dogs are multi-colored fluffballs who love being out and about. The dogs in this story are of the same breed. The older one’s named Albert, and the younger one’s named Olly.

On this day, these two rode a car together. This happened when Albert’s hoomans took Olly home, and on their way to their humble abode, the older dog got the shock of his life.

Albert couldn’t believe that a new member of the family would behave like a cheeky hooligan. Olly chewed on one of the seatbelts, and that was unacceptable to the well-behaved, older dog.

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Manners are manners, and poor Albert could only look at Olly in disbelief. The older dog’s hooded stare served as a stern warning. It would have worked if the young puppy bothered to check.

Hilarious stare

As it turned out, the seatbelt-chewing rascal wasn’t even aware of the scrutiny. Albert must have done an eye roll many times in his head, but all we saw was a strong side-eye glance.

The bigger dog’s apologetic look reminded us of embarrassed parents trying to get their misbehaving kids out of a bind. Something tells us that Albert will make a good guardian for Olly.

To be fair, Olly didn’t pretend he would be no trouble. His hoomans knew what they were getting into, so he’s not at fault at all. To Albert, though, that’s hardly a good excuse for poor behavior.

Don’t worry, doggo, you’ll straighten the newcomer out in no time. With a strong side-eye game like that and a couple of stern warnings, we’re sure Olly will be a well-behaved puppy soon.

For now, let him enjoy chewing on those seatbelts. Once training ensues, we’re sure you’ll get him shaped up to the best he could be. We’re counting on you, Albert, so carry on!

Credits to Albert and Olly via YouTube

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