India is probably one of the most culturally-rich and beautiful countries you could ever visit. However, it’s also a developing nation that has problems with stray dogs. India is home to millions of homeless dogs and despite the government programs to sterilize them and house them in shelters, they are still reproducing at an alarming rate.

The stray dogs in India face many hazards every day that can endanger their lives. One incident involved a stray dog falling inside a 100-foot dry well. The dog was clearly distressed and injured and would have surely died if nobody saved it. Thankfully, the locals learned about the dog and reported the incident to a local animal rescue organization called Gujarat Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Animal rescuer Raj Bhavsar immediately organized a rescue team to rescue the dog. After arriving at the site, the rescue team found that the well was dark and deep. The rescuers knew it that getting the dog out of the well will be challenging. However, everyone on the team was determined to rescue the trapped animal.

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It took over an hour for rescuers to get the stray dog out of the well. With the help of torches and the locals from the village, the team was able to send one of their rescuers down the well. The lack of lighting prevented the rescuer from locating the dog inside the well.

However, torches were made to provide some light inside the well. Even with the dimly lit well, the rescuer was able to locate the dog just using the torches. As soon as the volunteer who went down the well saw the scared dog, he immediately grabbed the dog, secured it, and sent a signal to pull him out of the well.

After the rescuer emerged from the well carrying the dog, everyone celebrated. Thanks to the joint efforts of the villagers and animal rescuers, the dog was saved from what could have been a tragedy. Here’s a video featuring the rescue of a stray dog who fell and got trapped inside a 100-foot well.

Video Source Times Of India via YouTube

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