A young boy named Antonio Reese lived an ordinary life in 2015. He loved soccer and hanging out with friends and was a lively and cheerful young boy. Unfortunately, a sad fate befell the boy and his family.

Antonio got shot in the head while riding an SUV with his family. Fortunately, the medics arrived immediately, which saved the boy’s life. If they arrived fifteen minutes later, the boy would have suffered worse consequences.

The boy underwent 18 days of an induced coma. When he woke up, Antonio could not remember his name, could not walk, and needed to learn how to eat again. But, his parents saw that he was a fighter. Despite the hardships that he went through, he fought hard to live, and his mother, Tara, described it as a beauty in the world during a dark time.


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In 2016, Alice, the service dog, came into Antonio’s life. She is a chemical balance dog, and she can detect chemical imbalances in Antonio and alert his parents or other people if a seizure is about to come. The attacks are the aftermaths of the injury. It is crucial to alert someone because Antonio wears an artificial skull, and a fall from an attack can be fatal.

Alice also gives Tara the confidence that Antonio will be safe with Alice beside him. He can go to school with Alice, and the dog helps him with balance. She is on top of her game and gives 100% into looking after her human.

According to Antonio, when he first saw Alice, he knew she was the one for him and was glad that he got her. He also thinks of Alice as his life-saver, an actual hero dog indeed.

Alice received the 2019 American Hero Dog award from the American Humane, an organization that promotes and nurtures the bond between humans and animals. Out of 360 nominees in different categories, Alice won the top award in the service dog category and became the highest honor recipient, the 2019 American Hero Dog awardee. With all her good deeds, she deserves recognition and a happy life with the people she loves.

Photo and video credits to American Humane via YouTube.


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